Product Publicity 101

A primary principle of marketing is to find something unique about what you offer and make this the basis of your sales message. Even if what you offer is a commodity, there is always one thing unique in your business - you.

People don't buy a product or service from a company, they buy from a person.  They want to get to know and trust you so in layman's terms they want to have a relationship with you.
Thatís why having a good publicity photo or head shot is essential in your marketing efforts. Youíll need it for your press kits, marketing materials, websites and for journalist to use.
Thatís right. Many times a media outlet and especially a small newspaper or trade magazine -  wants to do a story about you but doesn't have a photographer available to take a photo.  So having one that you like available on a moments notice is essential.

How you look in your photos tells the world a lot about how you do business. So shouldn't you make sure yours convey who you are? Her…

When Wholesale Is Considered Wholesale

You've finally found the wholesale source for the high demand widget that is selling like hotcakes on the Internet. Thoughts of watching the money pouring in and celebrating the new found success selling widgets has you so excited that you can't wait to buy 5 widgets at wholesale and double the investment.

After lots of effort to market your widgets, you haven't sold any. To your surprise, you find others selling the same widget at a much lower price and doing great business. You can blame the wholesaler for your lack of success or you can face the cold hard truth about wholesaling and volume purchasing. After an unsuccessful attempt to sell widgets, you decide to do the research to find out why you couldn't compete. The first eye opener is that you can find the widget at a number of places selling for less then your wholesale cost. Lets look at all of the reasons for this.

The retailer can buy in bulk and receive quantity pricing
In many cases this also qualifies the …

Your Website Should Always Be Selling

This may come as some surprise to a traditionally off-line business that their website should be attracting new sales, or at least supporting the sales they have made. There is a common misconception that a website is more of a cost than an asset. When I ask companies why they would like a website the common answer is, I don't know? It seems to me that having a website is more of a reflex than something that is planned to help grow sales for the company. Every business has one, you should too.

This is of course a little unfair. Too many companies have been stung by website designers in the past, with websites that are not designed to sell their company. When it comes to selling on-line it really comes down to a no-nonsense approach. Your website should be designed to deliver information to a visitor so that they can make an informed decision about purchasing from you. So this requires your website to be well laid out, to the point, and answer the most common questions and have a c…

Your Step By Step Guide To Success As An Internet Marketer

I'm often asked the following questions:
What is a more realistic expectation for starting an online Multiple Streams business from scratch, to getting cash flow from online products?What are the steps at each stage?

And how much money can I expect to make at each stage?
If you're implementing a multiple streams approach, it's important that you be prepared for the time it takes to build your business (this is not a get-rich-quick model, but a potentially highly profitable one with sustainability) and to set realistic expectations of when you'll start to see a profit from your offerings.

What follows is a step-by-step basic outline of how to start a Multiple Streams business from scratch - the steps to setting up a Pink Spoon page, working through the Marketing & Product Funnel, what kind of investment to make along the way and what kind of return can be expected.
Know that this is just a outline. You can always move through the timeline faster or slower, depending…

Your Words Are The Driving Factor Of Either Your Success Of Failure In This Industry

Want to know what the most important skill you can possibly possess as an Internet Marketer is?
Your words!

The words you choose to use in your ad copy, in your sales letters and on your website will determine your success in sales!

You should improve your "word" skills daily. Remember to read the ads that come to your mailbox (spam) and learn as many words others are using to SELL their product. More important read your competitors ads. What words do they use to SELL their product?
Carl Jung did a study and has determined people fall into one of 4 groups:
1. Thinkers
2. Feelers
3. Sensors
4. Intuitors

Thinkers are mostly detailed oriented, logical and their fear is criticism. They will check and recheck facts. In order to target this group you will need to use factual numbers, precise words outlining benefits of saving money and value for money spent. Be sure to be professional and conservative giving the thinker facts and space to make their decision.

Feelers are risk take…

Build Your List Using Wix Premium

Wix was founded by Avishai Abrahami, Nadavi Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan, Wix is a Flash website builder. It was founded in 2005 and since then, it has become a power brand among web entrepreneurs who want to build an impressive corporate websites, portfolio pages, and personal sites among others. Its intuitive drag and drop interface means that anyone can build their own Flash based websites quickly with no technical knowledge.
Getting Started with Wix Wix offers a huge selection of templates that are all Flash-ready. All you need to do is to input your company or personal information to customize the website. The Wix interface breaks up the selection by category so it's easy to pick a template that's relevant for your needs. If you're looking for a free Wix site, make sure that the template you select contains the word "free" on the lower right side. Click on it and select "edit" to get started.
Users will get access to an extensive range of options to …

Rank Your Blog In Record Time

In the past months, Iíve heard a lot of buzz of excitement about Blogging and Pinging. The rumors said it seduces search engines (SEO) to index your pages in record time. What is the idea behind this? As a marketer I want my new sites indexed in some hours. I want my new content to appear as early as possible in all the major search engines, you know, it means instant traffic and sales.

Before we begin discussing this new wave to attract customers, we need to understand what Blogging is. Those of you that know about it already forgive me, but let me point to human beings that don't.
Blogging is the act to promote your products, books, services, discussions, and website in your weblog. Weblog? What is that?

Weblog or Blog is a place in the cyberspace, just like your website, and like your website, you need to draw traffic directly to it. Apply your knowledge and promotional tools, such as: updating it often, posting articles, optimization rules and back links.

Spidering and indexin…